Investment. Development. Management

Adowa is a fully-integrated company specializing in the investment, development and management of high-quality student housing communities in South Africa. Backed by our deep understanding of the market, a commitment to quality and combined experience of 50 years in property development and finance, Adowa aims to be the leading choice for partners in search of financing and development opportunities in the student accommodation sector.

The large number of students leaving home to further their education in tertiary institutions has resulted in an increase in demand for living environments geared towards supporting the accommodation needs of student life. We create spaces where students feel secure and comfortable, enabling them to focus on their academic objectives in stable environments. Our properties create communities of learners which foster life long bonds and collaborative learning.

Stakeholder Engagement:

Adowa engages with all stakeholders in the student housing sector, including:

Students– providing a “home-away-from-home” and a supportive living environment

Higher Education Institutions – offering a supplementary solution and service offering to the accommodation needs of institutions

Project Developers – providing an investment and development partner with access to capital and property management expertise

Our Values

Customer (student) focus: We focus in our students in everything we do.

Sustainability: We take genuine social, economic and ecological responsibility for our people and our communities.

Excellence: We consistently strive to excel in all our endeavours.

Innovation: We continuously challenge and improve how we operate.

Our People: We work together honestly in a professional manner to achieve exceptional results.

Collaborations: We strive to achieve mutual benefits with all our stakeholders.